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Tw T* <052B0A1502F403820C6403080066>Tj /C0_0 1 Tf -2.025 -5.5 Td <10E2026815A60EC703611217068C08F800640443068C036A039D0E08026A081103A20DB00066>Tj /T1_0 1 Tf -40.697 93.563 Td (2.)Tj 1.025 Tw /Span<>> BDC ( )Tj EMC (Purposes)Tj /T1_1 1 Tf 0.055 Tw 2.025 -2.2 Td (The personal data of the applicants and holders of securities may be use\ d, held, processed )Tj 0 Tw T* (and/or stored \(by whatever means\) for the following purposes:)Tj 0 -2.2 TD (\225)Tj 0.014 Tc 0.082 Tw [( )-1328.7 (p)0.5 (r)0.5 (oc)0.6 (e)0.5 (s)0.5 (s)0.5 (i)0.5 (n)0.5 (g)0.5 ( yo)0.6 (ur)0.5 ( a)0.6 (pp)0.5 (l)0.5 (i)0.5 (c)0.5 (a)0.5 (t)0.5 (i)0.5 (o)0.5 (n)0.5 ( a)0.5 (n)0.5 (d)0.5 ( r)0.5 (e)0.5 (f)0.5 (u)0.5 (n)0.5 (d)0.5 ( c)0.5 (h)0.5 (e)0.5 (q)0.5 (u)0.5 (e)0.5 ( a)0.5 (n)0.5 (d)0.5 ( e)0.5 (-)0.5 (R)0.5 (e)0.5 (f)0.6 (un)0.5 (d)0.5 ( p)0.5 (a)0.5 (y)0.5 (m)0.5 (e)0.5 (n)0.5 (t)0.5 ( i)0.5 (n)0.5 (s)0.5 (t)0.5 (r)0.5 (u)0.5 (c)0.5 (t)0.5 (i)0.5 (o)0.5 (n)0.5 (,)14 ( )]TJ 0.05 Tc 2.025 -1.1 Td [(w)0.5 (h)0.5 (e)0.5 (re)0.5 ( a)0.5 (p)0.5 (pl)0.5 (i)0.5 (c)0.5 (a)0.5 (bl)0.5 (e)0.5 (,)0.5 ( ve)0.5 (r)0.5 (i)0.5 (f)0.5 (ic)0.6 (at)0.5 (i)0.5 (o)0.5 (n o)0.5 (f)0.5 ( co)0.5 (m)0.5 (p)0.5 (li)0.5 (a)0.5 (n)0.5 (c)0.5 (e)0.5 ( w)0.5 (i)0.5 (t)0.5 (h)0.5 ( t)0.5 (h)0.5 (e)0.5 ( t)0.5 (e)0.5 (r)0.5 (m)0.5 (s)0.5 ( a)0.5 (n)0.5 (d)0.5 ( ap)0.5 (p)0.5 (l)0.5 (i)0.5 (ca)0.5 (t)0.5 (i)0.5 (o)0.5 (n)50 ( )]TJ 0 Tc 0.001 Tw 0 -1.1 TD (procedures set out in this Application Form and the Prospectus and annou\ ncing results )Tj 0 Tw T* (of allocations of the Hong Kong Public Offer Shares;)Tj -2.025 -2.2 Td (\225)Tj 0.022 Tc 0.082 Tw [( )-1320.7 (en)0.5 (a)0.5 (bl)0.5 (i)0.5 (ng)0.5 ( co)0.5 (m)0.5 (pl)0.5 (i)0.5 (an)0.5 (c)0.5 (e)0.5 ( w)0.5 (i)0.5 (th)0.5 ( al)0.5 (l)0.5 ( a)0.5 (p)0.5 (pl)0.5 (i)0.5 (c)0.5 (ab)0.5 (l)0.5 (e l)0.5 (aw)0.5 (s)0.5 ( an)0.5 (d)0.5 ( r)0.5 (e)0.5 (gu)0.5 (l)0.5 (at)0.5 (i)0.5 (on)0.5 (s)0.5 ( i)0.5 (n)0.5 ( H)0.5 (o)0.5 (ng)0.5 ( Ko)0.5 (n)0.5 (g a)0.5 (nd)22.1 ( )]TJ 0 Tc 0 Tw 2.025 -1.1 Td (elsewhere;)Tj -2.025 -2.2 Td (\225)Tj 0.019 Tc 0.082 Tw [( )-1323.7 (registering new issues or transfers into or out of the names of securiti\ es)]TJ 0 Tc 0 Tw (\222)Tj 0.019 Tc 0.082 Tw 33.241 0 Td [( holders)19 ( )]TJ 0 Tc 0 Tw -31.216 -1.1 Td (including, where applicable, in the name of HKSCC Nominees;)Tj -2.025 -2.2 Td (\225)Tj [( )-1424.7 (maintaining or updating the registers of securities)]TJ (\222)Tj ( holders of the Company;)Tj 0 -2.2 TD (\225)Tj [( )-1424.7 (verifying securities)]TJ (\222)Tj ( holders)Tj (\222)Tj ( identities;)Tj 0 -2.2 TD (\225)Tj 0.027 Tc 0.082 Tw [( )-1315.8 (establishing benefit entitlements of securities)]TJ 0 Tc 0 Tw (\222)Tj 0.027 Tc 0.082 Tw 22.022 0 Td [( holders of the Company, such as)27 ( )]TJ 0 Tc 0 Tw -19.997 -1.1 Td (dividends, rights issues and bonus issues, etc;)Tj -2.025 -2.2 Td (\225)Tj [( )-1424.7 (distributing communications from the Company and its subsidiaries;)]TJ T* (\225)Tj [( )-1424.7 (compiling statistical information and securities)]TJ (\222)Tj ( holder profiles;)Tj 0 -2.2 TD (\225)Tj [( )-1424.7 (making disclosures as required by laws, rules or regulations;)]TJ 0 -2.2 TD (\225)Tj 0.016 Tc 0.083 Tw [( )-1325.7 (disclosing identities of successful applicants by way of press announcem\ ent\(s\) or)16 ( )]TJ 0 Tc 0 Tw 2.025 -1.1 Td (otherwise;)Tj -2.025 -2.2 Td (\225)Tj [( )-1424.7 (disclosing relevant information to facilitate claims on entitlements; an\ d)]TJ T* (\225)Tj 0.063 Tw [( )-1361.7 (any other incidental or associated purposes relating to the above and/or\ to enable the )]TJ 0.011 Tw 2.025 -1.1 Td [(Company and the Hong Kong Branch Share Registrar to discharge )0.5 (their obligations to )]TJ 0 Tw 0 -1.1 TD (securities)Tj (\222)Tj 0.045 Tw ( holders and/or regulators and/or any other purpose to which the securit\ ies)Tj 0 Tw (\222)Tj ( )Tj 0 -1.1 TD (holders may from time to time agree.)Tj /T1_0 1 Tf -4.049 -2.2 Td (3.)Tj /Span<>> BDC ( )Tj EMC 2.025 0 Td (Transfer of personal data)Tj /T1_1 1 Tf 0.031 Tw 0 -2.2 TD (Personal data held by the Company and the Hong Kong Branch Share Registr\ ar relating to )Tj 0.027 Tw 0 -1.1 TD (the applicants and the securities)Tj 0 Tw (\222)Tj 0.027 Tw ( holders will be kept confidential but the Company and its )Tj 0.073 Tw T* (Hong Kong Branch Share Registrar may, to the extent necessary for achiev\ ing any of the )Tj 0.034 Tw 0 -1.1 TD [(above )0.5 (purposes, make )0.5 (such enquires )0.5 (as )0.5 (they consider )0.5 (necessary )0.5 (to confirm )0.5 (the accuracy )0.5 (of )]TJ 0.001 Tc 0.082 Tw 0 -1.1 TD [(the personal data and in particular, they may disclose, obtain, transfer\ \(whether within or)1 ( )]TJ 0 Tc 0.057 Tw 0 -1.1 TD (outside Hong Kong\) the personal data of the applicants and securities)Tj 0 Tw (\222)Tj 0.057 Tw ( holders to, from or )Tj 0 Tw 0 -1.1 TD (with any of the following:)Tj 0 -2.2 TD (\225)Tj 0.001 Tc 0.082 Tw [( )-1341.7 (the Company or its appointed agents such as financial advisers, receivin\ g banks and)1 ( )]TJ 0 Tc 0 Tw 2.025 -1.1 Td (overseas principal share registrar;)Tj -2.025 -2.2 Td (\225)Tj 0.022 Tc 0.083 Tw [( )-1319.7 (where )0.6 (applicants )0.5 (for )0.5 (securities )0.5 (request )0.5 (deposit )0.5 (into )0.5 (CCASS, )0.5 (HKSCC )0.5 (or HKSCC)22.1 ( )]TJ 0 Tc 0 Tw 2.025 -1.1 Td (Nominees, who will use the personal data for the purposes of operating C\ CASS;)Tj -2.025 -2.2 Td (\225)Tj 0.02 Tc 0.082 Tw [( )-1322.7 (an)0.5 (y a)0.5 (ge)0.5 (nt)0.5 (s)0.5 (, co)0.5 (nt)0.5 (r)0.5 (ac)0.5 (t)0.5 (or)0.5 (s or)0.5 ( th)0.5 (ir)0.5 (d p)0.5 (ar)0.5 (ty)0.5 ( s)0.5 (e)0.5 (rv)0.5 (ic)0.5 (e)0.5 ( p)0.5 (r)0.5 (ov)0.5 (id)0.5 (er)0.5 (s)0.5 ( w)0.5 (ho)0.5 ( of)0.5 (fe)0.5 (r)0.5 ( a)0.5 (dm)0.5 (i)0.5 (ni)0.5 (st)0.5 (ra)0.5 (t)0.5 (iv)0.5 (e,)20 ( )]TJ 0.017 Tc 0.083 Tw 2.025 -1.1 Td [(telecommunications, computer, payment or other services to the Company a\ nd/or)17 ( )]TJ 0.003 Tc 0 -1.1 TD [(the Hong Kong Branch Share Registrar in connection with their respective\ business)3 ( )]TJ 0 Tc 0 Tw T* (operations;)Tj -2.025 -2.2 Td (\225)Tj 0.015 Tc 0.082 Tw [( )-1327.7 (the Stoc)0.5 (k Ex)0.5 (cha)0.5 (nge)0.5 (, the)0.5 ( SF)0.5 (C a)0.5 (nd an)0.5 (y ot)0.5 (her)0.5 ( sta)0.5 (tut)0.5 (ory, reg)0.5 (ulat)0.5 (ory or g)0.5 (over)0.5 (nme)0.5 (ntal)15 ( )]TJ 0 Tc 0 Tw 2.025 -1.1 Td (bodies or otherwise as required by laws, rules or regulations; and)Tj -2.025 -2.2 Td (\225)Tj 0.029 Tw [( )-1395.7 (any other persons or institutions with which the securities)]TJ 0 Tw (\222)Tj 0.029 Tw ( holders have or propose to )Tj 0 Tw 2.025 -1.1 Td (have dealings, such as their bankers, solicitors, accountants or stockbr\ okers, etc.)Tj /T1_0 1 Tf -4.049 -2.2 Td (4.)Tj /Span<>> BDC ( )Tj EMC 2.025 0 Td (Retention of personal data)Tj /T1_1 1 Tf 0.001 Tc 0.082 Tw 0 -2.2 TD [(The Company and the Hong Kong Branch Share Registrar will keep the perso\ nal data of)1 ( )]TJ 0.002 Tc 0 -1.1 TD [(the applicants and holders of securities for as long as necessary to ful\ fil the purposes for)2 ( )]TJ 0 Tc 0.073 Tw 0 -1.1 TD (which the personal data were collected. Personal data which is no longer\ required will be )Tj 0 Tw 0 -1.1 TD (destroyed or dealt with in accordance with the Ordinance.)Tj /T1_0 1 Tf -2.025 -2.2 Td (5.)Tj /Span<>> BDC ( )Tj EMC 2.025 0 Td (Access to and correction of personal data)Tj /T1_1 1 Tf 0.027 Tw 0 -2.2 TD (The Ordinance provides the applicants and the holders of securities with\ rights to ascertain )Tj 0.063 Tw 0 -1.1 TD (whether the Company or the Hong Kong Branch Share Registrar hold their p\ ersonal data, )Tj 0.044 Tw 0 -1.1 TD [(to obtain a copy of that data, )0.5 (and to correct any )0.5 (data that is inaccurate. )0.5 (In accordance )0.5 (with )]TJ 0.008 Tc 0.082 Tw 0 -1.1 TD [(the Ordinance, the Company and the Hong Kong Branch Share Registrar have\ the right)8 ( )]TJ 0.003 Tc T* [(to charge a reasonable fee for the processing of any data access request\ . All requests for)3 ( )]TJ 0 Tc 0.047 Tw T* (access to data or correction of data or for information regarding polici\ es and practices and )Tj 0 Tw 0 -1.1 TD (the kinds of data held should be addressed to the Company for the attent\ ion of the company )Tj 0.064 Tw 0 -1.1 TD (secretary or \(as the case may be\) the Hong Kong Branch Share Registrar\ for the attention )Tj 0 Tw 0 -1.1 TD (of the privacy compliance officer for the purposes of the Ordinance.)Tj /T1_0 1 Tf -2.025 -2.2 Td (By signing an Application Form, you agree to all of the above.)Tj ET endstream endobj 35 0 obj <> endobj 36 0 obj <>/XObject<>>>/Subtype/Form>>stream q 0 Tc 0 Tw 0 Ts 100 Tz 0 Tr /Perceptual ri /GS0 gs 0 TL/Fm0 Do Q q 0 Tc 0 Tw 0 Ts 100 Tz 0 Tr /Perceptual ri /GS0 gs 0 TL/Fm1 Do Q endstream endobj 37 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Subtype/Form>>stream BT /CS0 cs 0 0 0 1 scn /Perceptual ri /GS0 gs /T1_0 1 Tf -0.01 Tc 0.01 Tw 0 Ts 100 Tz 0 Tr 91.9239 91.9239 -91.9239 91.9239 83.1184 139.2333 Tm (Sample )Tj /C0_0 1 Tf 3.205 0 Td <11750648>Tj ET endstream endobj 38 0 obj <>/ExtGState<>/Font<>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text]>>/Subtype/Form>>stream BT /CS0 cs 0 0 0 1 scn /Perceptual ri /GS0 gs /C0_0 1 Tf -0.01 Tc 0.01 Tw 0 Ts 100 Tz 0 Tr 91.9239 91.9239 -91.9239 91.9239 683.742 139.2333 Tm <00340042004E0051004D00460001>Tj /C0_1 1 Tf 3.205 0 Td <11750648>Tj ET endstream endobj 42 0 obj <> endobj 43 0 obj <> endobj 44 0 obj <> endobj 47 0 obj [48 0 R] endobj 48 0 obj <> endobj 49 0 obj <> endobj 50 0 obj <> endobj 51 0 obj <>stream Hj`&a?0 成 人免费视频免费观看直播,桃花影院影视,小东西这才2根而已视频,特级婬片女子高清视频
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